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    Question Huge mail spam since last weekend

    Hi guys,

    I've had huge mail spam before on my domain with catch all address... but normally it ends after a day or 3.
    This one has now been going on for over 5.

    I keep getting like 5 emails per minute with subjects like "Returned mail: see transcript for details" and all from email addresses that aren't in use (catch all gets them of course).

    Should I just wait it out, or should I be worried?
    I'm assuming it's just spam, I doubt my mailserver on westhost got hacked. But I have no clue if/how I can verify this...

    Kind regards,

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    In my experience these things go in cycles. I have been seeing quite a bit of spam on my older Site Manager accounts recently. That being said on my newer cPanel accounts there is little to none. That may be in part because of the age of the domains on each but also I think the newer cPanel system is just better.

    If your concerned you should contact support and have them take a look. I doubt though that you got hacked.
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