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    Default I'm Paying for This? Long-time Customer Experience

    I've been experiencing a problem sending mail for the last several weeks, and it's affecting my ability to conduct business.

    I keep getting the error message: "The connection to host on port 465 failed."

    Some days my e-mails are sending fine and others it will not.

    Chat support acknowledged a problem and stated that "it's being worked on" but didn't know for how long.

    My chat support experience was fairly typical of the last nine years. The problem is usually blamed on the user side or (in this case, today) acknowledged but not fixed. And the absolute minimum amount of information is given (maybe that's all the chat techs are told).

    Most questions are answered with some version of "I don't know."

    The network status page is useless. I've never seen any network server identified as having a problem; they're shown as always up--even if I'm told there's a problem. That's explained as the page not having been updated. So what's the use of the network status page, if it doesn't reflect a problem that admins have reportedly been working on for hours? The same problem I've been experiencing off and on for weeks.

    In addition, the responses reflect no sense of urgency or understanding of the effect on the clients.

    Poor service, wasted time, and frustration--that I'm paying for.

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    Sorry for your frustration. I don't really have any answers for you but I do know that WestHost is moving everything to new servers. I've noticed some sluggishness myself on some accounts and figured it had to do with the move. Even when moves are planned and well executed there always seems to be a few issues that come up. I am hope that it well all smooth out in time.
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    I am sorry to hear your experience with our technical support team was so far below what you were expecting. If you can please DM me a ticket number on this issue, I can make sure this gets properly addressed for you.

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