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    Exclamation Sudden huge bandwidth peaks from 1 ip


    I was looking at my stats for last year, and I noticed that in November and December I had huge bandwidth usage (150 and 50 GB respectively), where I normally have less then 4GB per month.

    Further investigation shows that almost all access in November is on 2 days (67 GB on Nov 8th and 76 GB on Nov 9th), all from the same IP address (looked it up, Virtua in Sao Paulo, Brazil).
    December looks similar, 2 days with big peaks (10 and 30 GB), divided over 2 IPs, both belonging to Virtua in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Under visitors/domains, it shows as:
    Flag Icon - Domains/Countries - Country Code - Pages - Hits - Bandwidth
    Unknown - Unknown - ip - 32546 - 34591 - 145.97 GB
    Unknown - Unknown - ip - 7868 - 9988 - 45.05 GB

    Obviously, I'm super worried right now...
    Did I get hacked? did my data get stolen? What happened here, and how do I prevent it?

    Can anyone help me?

    Kind regards,

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    Turns out that it's 6992 downloads of on average 7.02 MB of one of my old games, that calculates nicely into the used up GB.

    It's still weird why I would have such a sudden an intense burst of downloads, all from the same IP.
    I will keep an eye on it, and if it keeps up, I assume I will have to put some kind of check in there to limit the nr of downloads from the same IP to XX every YY time.

    But at least I can now shake the sickly gut feeling, plus feel good about having updated all my passwords

    Thanks for listening!

    Kind regards,

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    Good to hear you where able to determine what it was they where after. Because of the amount of downloads, I really doubt they where "real" downloads. I guess it could be possible that it was some type of DOS attack. I think your idea to put a limit on the amount of downloads per IP is a good idea. I mean I have as a real user perhaps had to try and access a download more then once but I would bet these request where all within non-human time limit capabilities.
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