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    Default ticket system frustration - Associating emails with the wrong account

    about 2 months ago I had a client whose site migration was completed hosed by mod security along with some really nasty email server issues.

    I asked westhost to add my email to the tickets for the client's account. What was frustrating there was that all of the client's tickets were getting posted to their defunct sitemanager account instead of their new cpanel account which is why I had them add my email to the tickets.

    Well, now, I tried to add a ticket for my hosting and guess what.. The ticket ended up on my client's account, not mine.

    So, I tried to fix one westhost caused problem and ended up with another problem.

    - some of us refer our clients to westhost.
    - We might need to have our email associated with a client's ticket
    - we might have our own hosting with you with the same email.

    You might want to send the people who are responsible for the ticket system back to class for database design with an emphasis on many-one, one-one and one-many relationships..

    Yes, I am getting irate.. I've wasted over 2 hours today trying to fix repeatable, preventable, known problems..

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    I've had frustration over this before also. I normally set the email for a client like you mention to their email since it is where the billing is sent and then when I need to create a ticket on their behalf I simply include my email in the ticket itself and ask them to reply to me. Accept for the automated emails this normally works pretty good.

    Would be nice if they could implement something like when you register a domain where you can have contacts for Owner, Administrator and then Billing. I would imagine though that the issue is not so much within their system but perhaps in the programs and systems they use for sending out the different emails. Pretty sure they are not proprietary to them and simply third party systems. Not sure having their developers work on an in house system would be cost effective for them or a good use of resources. I think I would rather they work on things that are internal like you mentioned in your other thread about Joomla.
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    I'm not sure what they are using for help desk software, but I agree that an off the shelf system is the only cost effective system.

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