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    Default Mod security idocy again

    Well, I migrated another site from sitepanel/joomla 2.x to cpanel/joomla 3.x and, guess what.. Modsecurity is blocking me AGAIN.


    - Joomla 2.5 is end of life
    - Many joomla 2.5 sites are on sitepanel
    - Almost every site I've moved from sitepanel/j2 to cpanel/j3 has resulted in being blocked by modesecurity when trying to accese joomla back end
    - This is a repeatable problem.
    - Joomla upgrades or westhost backup restores cause mod security to choke again.
    - Joomla is a popular CMS.

    so.. can you folks PLEASE get your act together with this.. I understand the need for security but you have to understand the impact of downtime and the frustration of having to spend over 2 hours every single time this happens to get it fixed.

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    Here is the text that triggered modsecurity - I had a page of items from a google drive spreadsheet that I copied and pasted into nbill light for invoicing.

    I narrowed down the cause to something in the following text. I'm not sure which word or phrase triggered the response.. At any rate, it didn't protect anything and cost me about 2 hours of time.

    1/9/2015 7.5 "in 245 out 1030
    - Physically set up new server
    - Install Operating system (issues with 32 bit drivers)
    - Join System to the company network
    - Set up RDP
    - Attempt to install SEP"

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