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    Default Anyone update from Joomla 2.5 to J 3.x? - Got a SQL went away error.. Modsecurity ag

    We purchased cpanel hosting to be able to update our Joomla 2.5 site to J 3.x.

    When I tried the update, the front and back ends disappeared. I was able to add a table regarding error messages which allowed some VERY limited functionality in the back end.

    I was able to find an "Sql server went away" error message. I checked with support and they tech said that it looks like there was a time out. He said that they probably could not configure it (Shared hosting). He also indicated that it could be an issue with modsecurity. I had a bloody nightmare with westhost where modsecurity was triggering on two sites I moved to cpanel hosting. I had to bang my head bloody against the wall to get that issue resolved.

    My questions

    1. Has anyone successfully upgraded a Joomla 2.5 site to Joomla 3.x on cpanel hosting - (Hosting Package Personal cPanel Hosting - 2)??

    2.Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the "sql server went away" error?

    I'm kind of dead in the water as I've been waiting for over 16 hours for westhost to restore the public html and sql backups...



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    Don't have any Joomla sites at the moment so don't have feedback on the updating.

    On your second issue I really doubt there is anything you can do about it on a shared host. Most "fixes" require having full access.

    In the future make sure that you do your own back up of the database before you begin the update and download it to your local machine. That way if anything happens you can restore the database and be back up and running faster. Also this well give you a much more current back up then WH is likely to have available.
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    I do regular akeeba backups via Akeeba and download them. I mistakenly thought I could get the site back up faster by going through a westhost restore.

    As far as the sql timeout issue Joomla 2.5 is reaching it's end of life in January. There are security issues inherent in not upgrading to 3.x The response I got to the ticket was basically 'well sorry ... tough luck.. try optomizing your tables.'.. From what I see, that isn't going to help.

    I have to meet with my client tomorrow. The change to cpanel hosting already has cost them a lot of money and downtime when the new email was rejecting legitimate emails from their in house server but letting a couple hundred penis enlargement ads come in every day for each user.

    So, now I'm faced with a site that is going to become increasingly vulnerable and having to figure out something that should be done by the hosting company.

    Sorry about ranting.. I still want to try to work with westhost but they've almost cost me one or two clients over the last two months.

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