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    Default 14 hours and the backups haven't been restored??/

    I called this morning and started a ticket to have the public html and sql folders restored from a backup on our cpanel based site.

    It's been over 14 hours and still no restore.. My client is in a highly competitive industry and we need the site back up.

    Is anything happening at westhost today?? Previously restore requests were completed within an hour or two at most.

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    Thank you for your post since I can ensure that everything is working for you and identify any improvements in our support team. I apologize that you have been encountering this kind of delay. It should not happen. I believe I have identified your support ticket and will follow-up with you through this ticket to ensure that we have everything working correctly.

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    Well, it happened again.. I had to have a site restored because of a failed joomla 3.x update attempt.

    I realize it is Christmas week, but the site was down for about 18 hours..

    On top of that, the restore is causing the stinking modsecurity to kick in locking me out of the joomla back end.

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    Can you please PM me the ticket number on this so I can look into the issue?

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