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    Default disgusted w/ westhost - Mod security/ joomla backend conflict.

    I went through a couple of weeks of hell with a site I manage when we moved from site manager to cpanel. Whenever I was working in the back end, I was getting an authorization error. Finally I found a level one tech who said there was a known issue with mod security and the joomla back end.

    During the process of troubleshooting, I gave access to the level 2 support for troubleshooting... and ended up with a broken site.. I figured I'd simply ask the level one guys to restore from a backup.. Well, that broke the ownership of the folders.

    After a dozen or so frustrating, wasted hours, I deleted everything in public HTML and restored from the backup from the old site manager site. I suppose they got the mod security exception working because that site is working now.

    So.. I am moving my second site from site manager to cpanel.. And guess what.. I'm getting locked out of the backend.. I initiated a ticket and they want access to the joomla backend so they can replicate what I've already been told is a known issue. It would be like if you gave someone the keys to your shiny new car and they brought it back covered with mud, a blown engine and severe body damage and now their asking for the keys to another shiny new car.

    My dilemma is that I have about a dozen clients on site manager/joomla 2/5. I would like to keep them with westhost but if I have to go through this every time (The aggravation and the risk) it isn't worth it. I would consider moving them to one of the other hosting companies.

    If you do a search in the WH forums for joomla mod security in the WH 4 forum, you will find that other people have had the same problem.


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    Well I answered in your other thread also. Reading things here my "advice" may not pertain. So here is the new advice. Make it painfully clear that this has happened before and perhaps even supply ticket # and info from other incident. I even sometimes give them links to the forum if the threads seem to have helpful info.
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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your post. Mod_security does have a wide umbrella of reasons something might be blocked, and we continually try to improve these to not interfere with other applications as much as possible. This service was not available on the Site Manager accounts which is why many clients did not encounter this until they moved to a cPanel account.

    Your previous experience does not sound like what I expect us to be able to provide for you. We want you to be successful in moving your Joomla sites over to your cPanel accounts. I would be happy to get involved in taking at the past situation and your new site in account. Together we should be able to identify a solution to help smooth out the bumps you might run into while moving your Joomla sites over.

    I will send you an email today with an outline of what I recommend to help address this for you.

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