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    Default problem with Domain Registration

    I have been trying to get two domain names ,I can fill out the form
    I will mark the box pay by check .
    the nothing happens.
    it will not complete the transaction.
    I chatted with tech suport he filled out the form for me.
    it has been a week and I have not heard from billing.
    I sent a email. I got a reply from auto responder.
    In it it said I could check cpanel to find out about it.
    now I have file manager Not c panel.
    Is this common for the sales department?

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    No you should have heard something by now I would think on this. The only thing I can think is perhaps the email you used for contact on the domain registration form may have been incorrect. I've never paid by check but I think when you do choose that option they send out a bill then you have to pay it before they process the registration. I have noticed in my area at least that snail mail has been a bit slow. Perhaps the bill is on it's way. The best thing would be to contact them again and have them connect you with the billing department to see if they received the request. You can use Chat or Telephone but be aware that the Billing department is only available during regular business hours Monday through Friday.
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    I would be more than happy to personally take care of this for you. Can you PM me the ticket number and any other information that will help me identify your account?

    Adam Croshaw

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