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    Default Site down AGAIN since 2 am and still not up. When will WH become reliable again?

    Am really getting tired of waking up and finding once again that WH is down again. This time its ONLY the server my account is on (something new... NOT) and we have been down since 2 am. Course as usual your "server status page" is showing "All systems are running normally." "The WestHost account for is hosted on server wsl03024"

    Called in and they said "We do not know why they have not changed the status, its been down all morning long." When I ask how long to get it back online the guy just apologises and says I have no idea.

    Guys, WH used to be super reliable but in the last 3-4 years I cannot remember going more than 2-3 months without ANOTHER shutdown. I run my email, webpage and the worlds largest bulletin board of its type on this server. Last time I looked was using less than 1% of my allotted space and bandwidth but its a moot point when the entire bloody server is down!

    That and its been TWO weeks since I started a case number on missing emails and its still not settled. First level 1 tech took over a WEEK to get back to me and the level 2 tech still has not gotten back to me. HIRE MORE PEOPLE or lose clients!

    Sorry but I used to refer a lot of business to WH but I simply cannot do this anymore. Its not reliable... and truthfully am looking for other options to move my account elsewhere. WH is just not making the grade these days...

    Joe A

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    I apologize for the outages you have encountered recently. I can understand that it is frustrating when you are not able to access your website. We do work to prevent issues encountered on the server and work to resolve any issues that do occur as quickly as possible. I would be happy to review and ensure that we can better communicate updates through our netstatus page and through our technical support team.

    Normally we can get back to you or resolve our support tickets much faster than the experience that you described with the missing emails. I would be happy to help ensure that the case number you have is resolve for you. If you want to message me the ticket number, I can take a look.

    I do hope that we can regain your confidence in WestHost. Thank you for your patience and we will work to make sure your concerns are taken care of if you want to send me that ticket number.
    Kyler Anderson
    Technical Support Manager
    Contact Support: E-mail | Live Chat | Twitter

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