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    Default Baffling Mass Email Issue Pt 2

    I continue to get about a quarter of a million emails per day from russia. Just lost an important client over this.

    The emails rest in the Mail Queue as undeliverable due to the fact that the server only allows 125 emails per domain per hour. They use random names like Email authentication is enabled for that particular account. Local MX record is: Configure server to not accept mail locally.

    A spammer with this many addresses might know what he is doing and realize nothing is being sent and stop.

    Any help would be appreciated, can't lose anymore clients.

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    Ok I am still a bit confused. You are talking about two different things it seems like. You say you receive the emails but if you are seeing them in the Mail Queue, then that would indicate that they are emails waiting to be sent out not ones you would be receiving. Did you by chance get a notification that this account had been compromised? At the moment I am dealing with a different email issue on an account that was and I am getting the feeling that an email account has been compromised also. Thought I had changed the email passwords for everything but double checking that on my accounts now. You might want to do the same for this account. If I am not mistaken you can delete the emails in the queue. Have you tried that yet?
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