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    Default Baffling Mass Email Issue

    I get about 200,000 emails a day via random non-existant email accounts from an existing domain, being one. They are from russia, there are about ten recipients per email and they come in as fast as I can delete them. I have enabled SPF authentication and yes I changed the password to that account. I have my VPS set to only allow 125 emails per hour and that particular account uses Exchange. So no email is actually being sent but is hurting server performance and I sometimes need to reboot just to get into mail queue. I have an instance of phplist on another account which was used on another occasion for sending spam, I disabled that. I blocked the ip address in Hosting Access with no effect. I guess I need to fly to Russia next??? Help!!

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    I am a bit confused. You say you are receiving the emails but then you said something about no emails actually being sent because you use Exchange? You also mention something about phpList which again would be sending out email not receiving emails.

    You said something about getting them via random non-existent email accounts. Do you have catch all turned on for this domain? If so then turn it off! I realize some people feel that it helps in case someone mistypes an email address when sending but it it better for them to get a failed delivery email so they can fix it then to continue using the miss formed email. If there happens to be a common misspelling of your email account that you know of then simply set up a forward for the misspell that routes to the actual email account.

    You mentioned Exchange. Is this what you are talking about? Again I am a bit confused about your situation and what is actually happening.

    Is this a Site Manager account or cPanel account? Do you have Spam Assassin enabled? Both the older SM and the newer cPanel accounts have this as an option.
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    The emails are all in mail queue, sorry I figured I left something out. This is the only place where I can see this email. Right now there is about 100,000.

    "Do you have catch all turned on for this domain?"
    I assume you mean un routable email? I have it set to reject with 'no such address.

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