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    Default Can you run the mailwasher server version on a shared hosting account??

    A client is getting killed with spam at his business. The same thing for me. Now that I'm using my phone more, the amount of spam is rendering the email on the phone almost useless.

    He runs the client version of mailwasher with some good results.

    I have spamassassin and the real time blocking working on both accounts.

    WH Tech support said that the bayes/learning on spamassassin would work as you worked with messages in outlook. I don't see how that happens..

    My thought was that perhaps we could run something on the server. Mailwasher has a server side product for a reasonable price.

    Can this be installed on a shared hosting server?? we have the old sitemanager with root access.

    If it can't be installed there, is there an account we can upgrade to that would allow us to install it??

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    Can't say for sure but I doubt unless you have true root access to your Site Manger accounts (i.e. a dedicated server) that you are going to be able to install this. While in Site Manager accounts we have root like access only which is limited. Looks like this product sits in front of sendmail so it is listening on port 25 which is the port sendmail listens to on most server set up. You would have to change that for the entire server so all accounts on the server would then be filtered through this product. If you don't have a dedicated server that means this also affect the email accounts of the other clients on the server. You would need to upgrade to a dedicated server. Note that would also mean you would be moving to the new cPanel system since WH no longer offers Site Manager accounts.

    Now if the accounts in question happen to be cPanel accounts you do have the option of a more robust filter product as an add-on
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    "Now that I'm using my phone more"

    I forward all mail through a gmail account. Love'm or hate'm Google does a great job of filtering email, probably because of the sheer volume that runs through their system. I can't imagine any other add-on doing a better job.

    I'm contemplating a business account to use my email@domain with Google and bypassing all other mail servers.... but I'm still undecided.

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