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    Question procmailrc and (DOT)procmailrc files

    In the course of trying to work with Spam Assassin, I notice that there is only one "procmialrc" file on my server and it resides at the top level, ie:


    It does NOT include the "dot" before the file name as suggested in this thread:

    I don't have a .procmailrc file in /etc as suggested in the thread above either, only a "mail.rc" file

    I have managed the disable (mess up) Spam Assassin by trying to alter the procmailrc file and things have not returned to normal after restoring the backup of the original procmailrc file.

    So... how to I get back to square one with Procmail and Spam Assassin. I suppose I can uninstall and re-install SA, but if my mail server is working (20 accounts/addresses), does that mean Procmail is working?

    Thanks, j mcd

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    I'll assume this is an older SiteManager account and that you installed SA way back when and never upgraded it. I would suggest uninstalling and then re-installing SA and seeing what that does. You should have /etc/procmailrc and not the procmailrc file at the top level. If after you've re-installed SA it still is not working then contact support and see what they have to say. Make sure you are clear that this is an older SiteManager account.
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