I've been a WH customer for many years (at least 8-9) and in general been very happy with their service and support! I started with a VPS and then went over to a dedicated server as well.

Recently, I moved to a Cloud Server (Reseller Plus) package, as it seemed to give more power at a good price (and also my dedicated server was getting too expensive for what I was getting elsewhere comparatively). As usual support, and migration went well! No complaints here!

But, now with the new Cloud based server, I have been experiencing a lot of issues with downtime and have been forced to restart the server several times a week, and apache almost every day. However, when I look at the process tables, I dont seem to see that much memory being used, CPU utilization remains very low (normally single digit) and I cant see that many incoming HTTP requests either. At the same time I see spike in 'load' (using uptime or top to check), where it can go upto over 100 at times. The system is at a grinding halt at these times and normally requires a restart.

If I look at my traffic and load, its actually gone down due to all these issues compared to when it ran on my puny dedicated server with less than half the RAM and CPU power, and I never faced issues there. I had uptime of months there without any intervention.

The support staff at WH have been very helpful trying to resolve the problem, but now weeks later I still see these spikes which I cannot explain, and the system comes to a grinding halt giving me downtime. Why the spikes in load while CPU, memory, disk IO all are rather low and under-utilized?

Am I the only one who has problems like this? Or others have also had similar issues on their cloud accounts?
When I search the web on VPS.NET issues, which seems to be the same system used by WH (I believe they all belong to same group of companies), I did see people facing similar issues and those were related with network and Disk/SAN setups within the cloud that manifest themselves on the actual accounts. These issues were about a year old, so its not certain that these can be blamed.

Regardless my situation is that I still have problems and I'm losing customers and reputation and sleep on this! WH support has been helpful but my problem still remains unsolved. I would like to find a solution to this, and maybe someone else has similar issues or solved similar issues and can guide me/WH on the solution?