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    Default End of customer form Westhost

    My last messages on this forum because I have moved my site to a other hoster.
    After the upgrade to WH4 I had only problems wiht the server.
    The support have several thing suggest but none of them are working.
    First I have the reseller cloud storm. Very slow sites and uploads and after upgrade to cloud Monsoon there was no improvement at all.
    Many time my sites where offline and this month it happens again two times a hole day.
    For me the reason to move now to a other hoster.
    Today they have finisch the migration and yes the speed is faster and a lot cheaper.
    A tip to the support. If servers are not working then seems to me it is normal that there is a refund. Despite all the problems is that never did. The only what they write is sorry for the inconvenience.
    For me now to late.
    Best to all and thanks for the years that Westhost was a good company

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    Sorry to see you leave aberg. Wish things could have worked out different.
    Please remember your charity of choice:

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