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Thread: smtp and ssl

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    Default smtp and ssl

    I have a client that sends me a few daily reports from their mainframe using SMTP on port 2525. The want to start sending the reports using SSL on port 465 (I think that was the port number). Does WH3.0 support that option?
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    I don't think that the older Site Manager accounts support this. At least not by default. I would check with support directly though to make sure. I know that on the new cPanel accounts you have the option of connecting to the mail server securely.
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    Yes, I want to do something similar.

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    I've been looking into this issue as well.

    As a minimum, you need to reconfigure sendmail (/etc/mail/ and edit your IMAP/POP server configuration (/usr/local/dovecot/etc/dovecot.conf for Dovecot) to let them know where the certificates, keys and authority chains are. I obtained free SSL certificates from

    This excellent article (click here) explains how to install the Mozilla trusted Root Certificate Authorities for your Openssl if you need them. The scripts need some modification to run on Westhost, but remember that it is up to the client (ie email program) to verify your certificate, not your mailserver. You only need to import these certificates if you are going to use client certificates to login.

    There are some issues with the Westhost build of sendmail. It does not appear to support SASL2, so you cannot use the MD5 methods for encrypting your password and I cannot seem to enable ports 465 or 587 (although I would swear they were working at one stage). However, I have been able to use TLS/SSL over STARTLS using port 2525.

    Since this is not a standard port, I recommend setting up a special file called config-v1.1.xml in /var/www/html/.well-known/autoconfig/mail which will let Thunderbird, Outlook etc configure the email client automatically. You can also setup a subdomain to point to this file. Full details are given in this Mozilla article: A sample illustrating the format for config-v1.1.xml is available if you follow the last link on the page.

    I have started writing up the changes I made, but it could be a while before I finish.

    I used to be able to connect to port 587 as confirmed in this thread, but Westhost support ran a script when troubleshooting the SASL2 issue and now 587 doesn't work anymore. You may be lucky.
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