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    Default Can you help me to find the easy-to-use html editor?

    I'm focus on working on my wedding webpage and I'm attempt to design an RSVP form mode omline. I am not a programmer and have narrow knowledge of HTML, though I have a knowledge of basic principles and have the ability to understand the code somewhat.
    I searched prewritten code on Googole, and read the reviews of cost-efficient html editors, and got a decent one, while the submit function does not work. It isn't the greatest layout for an RSVP form, at least not for our needs. I need a practical html editor immediately
    Which html editor is the best one for my demands?
    Any advices will be appreciated.

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    You don't need an HTML editor you need something like a php or cgi program it sounds like. The thing is I am not real sure what you are wanting to do. Is this a site were people are planing a wedding can go and set up a guest list that then RSVP's? You need to be a bit more specific i.e. "while the submit function does not work" really tells us nothing. It would be like going to a garage and saying my car does not work. What did you expect that form to do?
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