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    Angry About to Leave WestHost for Good

    I've been a WestHost customer for almost 7 years now. For the most part, I've been pretty happy with WH over the years. However, while I've seen the good (and the bad) it is now just plain ugly. I don't think I've ever been so frustrated and upset with a technical support staff as I've been in the last week. Let me explain...

    First of all, I've been a reseller for WH since I signed up back in 2004. Site Manager was great for awhile but the rise of cPanel clearly has shown us all that the migration to this platform is the best way to go. Alright, I understand that - I realized I would have to migrate my 70+ client sites from Site Manager to cPanel on the WestHost 4.0 platform. I started this migration back in November and, after a lot of work (and help) from wildjoker, about 85% of the sites have been moved over to cPanel/WHM on my Cloud Reseller account.

    One week ago, I routinely set up another client account to migrate over to cPanel. Overnight, I changed the name servers to point to the new one. However, it didn't propagate correctly. The name servers at WH weren't picking up the new account I set up. The website just showed an error page. I quickly opened up a trouble ticket with WH to get that going. The techs there kept saying that they were working on it and trying things to no avail. The site still wasn't coming up and they didn't know why. I called in Saturday evening and a tech told me he would have to escalate it to a network admin to get this fixed. Unfortunately, the network admins don't respond to trouble tickets on the weekends and this weekend was a holiday weekend (4th of July). So, I pretty much concluded that this wouldn't get resolved until the next Tuesday or Wednesday. That Saturday night, I changed the name servers to point back to Site Manager so the client's website could be back up and online with their emails functional once again.

    Tuesday came and went with no update from WH. On midday Wednesday, I opened up a chat with a WH tech to see if there was an update. The tech promised me that my request was in the queue and there were only 12 support tickets there and mine was in the middle. So, I was around 6th or 7th in line. On Wednesday evening, I received the following response from a WH tech:
    "I believe that there may have been an issue with the DNS servers correctly listing the domain thus preventing it from resolving correctly. Our internal systems update every 1-3 hours so you should be able to work with Tech Support to see if that's working correctly within a short period of time. If there are any issues, bring up this ticket number (#5832575) and we can have our admin team investigate further in the name servers for you."

    At this point, I was wondering why a network admin still hadn't looked into this issue for a fix and I repeatedly asked for confirmation that a network admin was scheduled to look into it. Unfortunately, the confirmation never came and I just chose to wait a little longer.

    Well, thinking that maybe this was just a DNS issue with this particular domain, I decided to move another client over and I change the name servers like I always had. Same problem! The name servers were not picking up any new site I would create in WHM - whether it was a shared site or a dedicated IP. I responded to the existing trouble ticket I created to let WH that this problem was not isolated - that it was happening to another account.

    After a few hours, a WH tech tells me that I just "need to wait 24-48 hours for the name servers to propagate" and that they couldn't look into it until after then. I emailed back that this was unacceptable. I had been patiently waiting for a network admin to fix this, and then the problem happens AGAIN with another account, and the tech assumes that I just wasn't waiting long enough for it to propagate over (GoDaddy name server changes routinely propagate in 15 minutes to an hour for me...I had waited 3 hours).

    Later that Thursday, another tech assures me that he will look into it further. But still no confirmation that a net admin was looking into it for a fix.

    Today (Friday) I have asked for more updates and have received none. I have a THIRD account that is also having this issue (I just found out since I made the name server change earlier this week and hadn't checked since this domain is brand new with no website quite yet). I opened up another trouble ticket for this third account demanding a network admin look into this TODAY since I was fully aware that their network admins take the weekends off. Still no reply.

    At this point, I am looking at other hosting options elsewhere. The incompetence of the WestHost techs, the lack of customer service, and the absence of priority in this are driving me away. I was considering leaving WestHost late last year to move all my clients to a better host. But I decided to give them a chance since Jake Neeley gave me a good credit deal to stay. I fully regret that decision and I would not advise anyone to host with WestHost. Their technical support staff has been extremely incompetent and their level of support leaves much to be desired.

    For any WH techs reading this, feel free to read a novel's worth of broken promises and cliche responses by seeing trouble ticket #5832575. I'll never understand why you couldn't just 1) confirm that a network admin was on it and 2) fix it.


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    Thanks for your feedback. One of our Admins looked into your issue when our technical support staff first mentioned an Admin would look into the issue. I have also personally contacted an Admin to look into the issue. He is currently working on it.

    Adam Croshaw
    Quality Assurance Manager

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamcroshaw View Post

    Thanks for your feedback. One of our Admins looked into your issue when our technical support staff first mentioned an Admin would look into the issue. I have also personally contacted an Admin to look into the issue. He is currently working on it.

    Adam Croshaw
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Adam, I'm sorry but I don't believe a network admin has been working on this from the get-go. If that was the case then why would a WH tech (Isaac) say this as recent as yesterday: "I've got this ticket open and assigned to me so I'll check it intermittently to see if that works. If not, I'll contact an admin to see if they can detect any issues in the name server settings." That right there shows evidence to the contrary for your claim. And I never once received an email or an update from an admin this past week prior to my post above.

    Also, it is very disconcerting that a network admin finally sends me a response to my issue within a few hours of my original post above. Does WestHost only take their clients and their issues seriously only after they post a complaint here on this forum?


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    Isaac comment was made after our admin had looked into the ticket and gave instructions to our technical support team as to how to resolve the issue. The same admin that has help you resolve the issue commented the ticket early this week.

    In no stretch of the imagination am I trying to make excuses for how this issue was handled. We fell short and did not follow through as we should have. Your ticket correspondence as well as this forum post will be gone over in our weekly tech meeting so all parties involved understand the frustration this caused you. We will also go over how this situation should have been handled. We strive to provide the best hosting solution possible for our client and we sincerely apologize for the experience you have had. We have taken step and will continue to make improvements so this does not happen again.

    Of course you do not need to post a complaint on the forums to get an issue resolved. As I mentioned in my email to you.
    I wish it did not have to come to that (forum post) but I would be frustrated in your situation as well.
    Again we apologize for the problem this has caused you. We take ownership of the issue and will do everything we can to make sure it does not happen again. I would be happy to talk to you over the phone or you can PM me if there is anything else I can do to help feel confident in hosting with WestHost.


    Adam Croshaw
    Quality Assurance Manager

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    The same admin that has help you resolve the issue commented the ticket early this week.
    Adam, that is simply not true if you are saying an admin updated me on the ticket earlier this week. Look again through the trouble ticket. The admin that is currently resolving the issue (David Winans) did not comment on this ticket earlier this week as you claimed. The first comment I had in my trouble ticket made by an admin was today (Friday) by David Winans. Before that, I had nothing but comments from WH techs.

    I do hope that your techs learn from this experience. I also appreciate you taking ownership of the issue and admitting when mistakes were made.


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    I would like to back Adam up with verification that an admin had looked into the ticket previously. We have the ability to make back-end notes [usually for pasting in logs that we might need to reference later] and this was done and bumped back to Tech Support with some further instruction on how to test and resolve the issue.

    When I worked with you on this matter directly and found that those steps had not worked, I tried a number of other items that it might have been before re-escalating to our admin team.
    I notice on the ticket notes now that it was related to a password sync issue. This is curious and not common, and since I was able to load into your WHM directly from I did not suspect password issues to be a cause for the DNS propagation troubles. I apologize for not having thought of that sooner, and will definitely keep it mind for similar issues I spot in the future.
    Isaac Furniss
    Technical Support Team Manager
    Contact Support: E-mail | Live Chat | Twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifurniss View Post
    I would like to back Adam up with verification that an admin had looked into the ticket previously.
    Thanks, Isaac. However, why was this not communicated to me then? If you look throughout the trouble ticket, I repeatedly ask for confirmation that a net admin at least looked at the issue. I never received that confirmation until the problem got resolved a few hours after my initial post above.

    Isaac, I do appreciate your attempt to help me with this issue over the past week - I felt like you were one of the few techs there that was taking the problem seriously and actually trying to solve it.

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    I mentioned that an net admin had looked into the issue because I noticed you were not made aware that an admin had looked into the issue previously. We should have confirmed with you earlier that an admin had looked into the issue.

    As I have mentioned before. We made some mistake while handling your issue and realize these mistakes caused a lot of frustration. We apologize and have taken corrective actions to make sure we handle situation like this differently in the future.

    I wanted to say thank you to Wes for speaking with me on the phone. Thanks for understanding that we made a mistake and working with us through the inconvenience we caused.

    I would also like to take an opportunity to talk to anyone that is reading through this post. At WestHost we try to give our clients the best possible hosting experience. Unfortunately along the way we make mistakes that cause frustration for our clients. We take these situation very seriously and do everything we can to correct them. First we do everything we can to fix the immediate problem our client is experiencing as fast as we can. Once the client is taken care of we follow up with both technical and client service training to those involved and provide feedback on how the situation can be better handled in the future. Because we run 24x7x365 we have to work as a team, in our weekly team meetings we review tickets and other forms of client communication so everyone on the team can learn. We will be reviewing this specific issue.

    At WestHost we try to give everyone the best possible web hosting experience. If you ever feel like an issue you are experience is not being addressed appropriately please PM me or any other WestHost Moderator and we will make sure the issue is addressed.



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