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    Exclamation SSH / how to figure it out

    I'm not sure where this post should go.

    I'd like to connect to the system via ssh to run linux commands on the server. Is this possible? Is there a knowledgebase for this kind of information?

    Some of the commands I want to run would need to crawl through the system and find any big files, or check email accounts that are over x filesize. My account is nearly 99% full and there shouldn't be much going on with our sites, they are mostly static, a couple that are content perhaps.


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    You can connect to your account and run commands with a program called Putty. You simply download the program and move the putty.exe file to where ever you want it. I put mine in a sup directory called putty under Program Files. No installation needed like other programs.

    There is documentation on how to start a session on the site I linked above. Really nothing special about it. Just use your username and password that you use to log in via FTP.

    In regards to commands you can run, here are some of the more commonly used ones. This is a link to a page that gives details on the find command which well let you find files based on file size. This article may also be useful to you.

    Please feel free to ask for clarification on anything once you have reviewed the above. Google is also a big help I think. I like working in SSH since it is really fast but I almost always end up going to Google to look for examples on many of them. I am also pretty lazy so I've never taken the time to memorize all the switches, option ect of them all.
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