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Thread: please help

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    Default please help

    why is it displaying stuff like this?

    i dont know what happened to it..can someone please help

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    It is your css for both mapList and contentMap. It can be difficult to get the width and floats on these right. Give this a try.
    HTML Code:
    .mapList {
        float: left;
        width: 260px;
    .contentMap {
       margin: 0 0 0 275px;
        width: 373px;
    I did not fully test this in every browser but should be closer to right. Notice I removed the float from the contentMap class. You only need it on the mapList because everything after it would be to it's right already. Then I added a margin to the contentMap on it's left size of 275px. Because of padding and margins on things I went ahead and reduced the width of mapList.

    There are a multitude of other ways you could have gotten the same result but I imagine the above will get you what you want.
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