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    Post Summary of Migration steps when moving from Site Manager [3.0] to cPanel [4.0]

    This is a basic summary of steps if you are setting a new account in the cPanel shared system. Thus cPanel Clouds, Cloud Reseller , and Dedicated Servers are exempt from these settings - though they will be similar.

    You will need to order your account in the cPanel system at and wait until you receive the welcome letter from WestHost with the information for logging in to the account. If you are going to be using this account with the same domain as a Site Manager account, you can set it up with the domain right away or use a temporary WestHost domain such as until your DNS transfer is complete. At that time you can update the primary domain to be simply <<>>

    Once the account is operational, you will want to move all the files from your existing account into the new. The best method for accomplishing this is to download all the files via an FTP client and then upload them into the new account in the same fashion. If you have databases in the existing accounts, you will want to export the databases in .sql or .sql.gz format so they can be uploaded and imported into the new account. If you need more details on moving databases, please let me know and I can try to get a quick guide to that set up in our forums.

    The next step will be ensuring that everything is configured in your new account as you need it. E-mail accounts, mailing lists, aliases and custom applications will need to be installed, created and configured. They will not be active yet, but it is the best policy to have everything operating before you move your DNS. [This is where a WestHost domain like can come in handy for the testing of your website.]

    Once everything is ready you can update the DNS settings for your domain name so that it can point to the cPanel WestHost Domain Name Servers. These are:
    Note: DNS changes take 24-48 hours to propagate throughout the Internet. You will likely experience some downtime during this period.

    Once the DNS is updated and the propagation has completed, you can close your existing account by filling out the form at this location or by getting in touch with the Billing department during our regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM MST. You can also e-mail billing directly via
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    To learn more about the differences about Site Manager and cPanel check out this news letter: Also check for an Sustaining Gift for our Site Manager clients moving to cPanel.

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