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    Default I have a question about Wordpress Admin Account

    I have a question about Wordpress Admin Account

    It seems like I have lost my admin password to my wordpress blog. I tryed to send a reset password message but I did not get any email notification. I kind of remember that the admin account in wordpress is a special case and that you cannot loose the password for that account. Is this right? Does this mean I will have to rebuild my wordpress from the ground up? I mean, will I have to reinstall everything?

    I found a web page that tells how to go into my database and change my admin password.

    But this did not work.

    I noticed that all the passwords started with "$P$B". So I added these to the reset admin password.

    But this did not work either.

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    Well the page you where looking at was pretty old but still from what I have read should have worked. Why is it you have not gone to Wordpress site for this information? I always start looking at the official site for a program. You never know if you can trust information on some random site. Don't try too many things at once. Start with maybe the phpMyAdmin way of doing it. The reason I say that is because it is going to let you double check the username and email you have set for the admin account.
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