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    Question 500 Error After Migrating

    Moved my site from VPS 3.0 > Reseller Cloud Plan. I did the DNS Propagation Check on and it shows that all the A & MX records are now at the new IP.

    As the Live Chat and Phone help are backed up, I was hoping that someone could point me to possible issues to check.

    Alsol, if I can get my sites finally up, is the login now for the cpanel Can I also use the IP to login (as I now have several).

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    For WH 4.0 you log into your account through as a rule. Once logged in there you can get to WHM. From there you can view your list of domains and there are links to each of their cPanels. I did just notice the other day that DNS records had been set up for on WH 4.0 that I work with. I don't know if this is new or not but I also seems to work for accessing each domains cPanel. There where also DNS records set up for on each of the domains which seemed strange since many don't have access to WHM.
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    Tried + both work. Thank you wildjoker!

    Finally have my main site up, but there's so much more to learn/do! It certainly is keeping my old brain cells firing rapidly in many directions, supposedly a good thing.

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