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    Default Which one perform best? MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and MSSQL

    Which one perform best? MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and MSSQL?

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    Oracle is mainly for enterprise customers, so it's really fast. But if you're doing a small site with just a few records, MySQL is the best and easiest. It's plenty fast too.

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    For a detailed comparison please refer here:

    And to quickly answer your question, MySQL has been used by small, medium and even big enterprises. It is easy to use, syntax and structure is easy to understand and has a very wide user base so you don't have to worry having problems with it. It's also free of course.
    Oracle is mainly used by enterprise users. It is rather expensive but it has more advanced tools and features than MYSQL that make up for the cost.
    SQLite is mainly used for portable applications. As an example, Mozilla Firefox uses one to store caches and configurations. MSSQL is also a good competitor to MySQL. It has similar features but there are some exceptions. It is best paired with ASP/ASP.NET and other Microsoft applications.

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