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    Default About to renew my account--need to keep VPS?

    Hello everyone.

    I've been a loyal WestHost customer for years, but never really posted on these forums much. That's biting me in the butt now, because my subscription is about to expire and I've just recently found this old thread:

    It's from 2009, before WH 4.0 was launched. But it basically explains how they're phasing out their VPS accounts from WH 4.0. I understand there was no forced migration, but as it's coming close to the time when I'll need to renew my account, I assume that means I will have to upgrade to 4.0 at that point?

    Problem is I absolutely need a VPS for my site. If I'd wanted a shared hosting plan, I wouldn't have specifically sought out and found WestHost. And as that thread explains,'s prices are WAY too expensive.

    Anyway, I was wondering if there's anyone out there who's been through this, and what solutions they've found. Has anyone found another hosting company which offers services similar to what WestHost offered before the change? I absolutely need to keep my VPS, but I can't afford's prices.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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    Just because it is time to "renew" your account does not mean you have to upgrade. Just pay the fees for you current existing account.
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    This is a hot button topic, especially in our office, so I plan on sending an official update as it pertains to clients in the Sphera 3.0 environment. So the long and exciting (or boring depending who you are) details will be delivered right to you inbox.

    The short story/update is that, at least, you won't be forced to move anywhere for the years to come. We realize why you came here and we don't want to give anyone the boot based upon those reasons. For the clients like yourself who actually utilize the VPS features we want to ensure you continue to have just that. Of course we're constantly seeking for new ideas to provide you this functionality without Sphera and until we come to that point we'll keep your platform alive.

    In the coming months we plan to expand our Cloud platform which may be the trick you're looking for but for now Wild Joker speaks wise advice. Rest assured that when you do renew we will, as we have done, keep providing the service you expect.
    Jake Neeley
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    That is great news to hear! Thanks to both of you for your help. I look forward to reading the e-mail update.

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    You're very welcome. I hope to see you around here more often, this is an awesome source for good information and help as it pertains to your hosting solution.
    Jake Neeley
    Social Media Manager | WestHost

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