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    Default Sponsorship from Westhost?

    Hello there,

    I was wondering. Does Westhost do any sponsorship deals?

    I Have a project in the works. And I am in need of some fast file hosting. Now it is beyond my budget to get a CDN. But I was thinking. If I was the get my project sponsored. Then the cost to me would not be an issue. What I require is 4GB of data hosting on a fast out bound http link. Now I know CND (content delivery network) would do the job just great. But my budget is 0. So what was hoping is if I can strike up a deal with Westhost for the hosting of the files. And in return I would put images and links to Westhost promoting them.

    Here is more info about the files.

    If you look at the images. This is where I plan to add any sponsorship. The Video shows more places where I can add images. I will also add desktop and or star menu shortcuts to Westhost.

    Here is a little test to see if anybody would like this.

    Some of you may know by now that the next release of PR is going to have 3 different installers just to install the mod. It's big folks. And older systems can't handle 1 big 4gb (guessing) installer. In the past I have made an alternative installer that downloaded the mod inside a torrent system. This has worked really well for the most part. But with torrents comes some issues. Main one beaning that some ISP's block torrent traffic.

    So I have looked into making a different way of getting 4gb of data downloaded in one little program.

    And here it is.

    Now before anybody goes mad. THIS WILL NOT INSTALL 0.95. It is not out yet.

    But if you would like to test this out and let me know what you think. It would help me a lot.

    Here is the installer test file.

    All this will do right now is download a few files and place them in the BF2\mods folder under the folder name Oddsodz. And place some shortcuts on you desktop and start menu. When you are done. just delete them

    When the full release comes out. I will have a full uninstaller added to the system.

    Please do let me know what you think.

    Here is a vid to show you how it runs.

    And here are some images.

    I Hope to hear from somebody soon.

    (PS I am a Westhost customer ;-)

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    Thanks for thinking of us for your new endeavor

    We have a specialist who looks for and works with clients and non-clients on things like this everyday. Do you mind sending him an email so we have your contact info and start the dialog offline?

    Please send it to bizdev (at)
    Jake Neeley
    Social Media Manager | WestHost

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    Sending an e-mail now.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Good deal, I will tell him it's coming and to look for it.

    Jake Neeley
    Social Media Manager | WestHost

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    Very cool that you would at least talk to software developers. I have been seeing more of this among hosts and have received some very generous offers. Westhost was the first host I ever used! I think I started in about 2000 or so.
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