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    Default Report on our Affiliate Program

    It's been over a year since we launched our affiliate site. This new affiliate site contains our primary hosting brands within UK2 Group. We're able to more effectively help manage all affiliate efforts across all brands through this one site, and through a dedicated affiliate manager.

    For those of you who participate in our affiliate program, I'm interested to hear what you like or dislike? Is there anything you would change? How would you compare the service you receive now compared to what you might have experienced in the past?

    Prior to launching, we did very little to promote our affiliate program. We also had limited resources helping to manage this part of our business. We have increased the amount of time and resources devoted to our affiliate program since this launch. Our goal is to continue to grow and develop this market segment. Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!

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    To be honest I kind of lost interest in program. I have the affiliate links on some of my pages but the adds never changed and even displayed old prices and specials. I complained some about this and they have gotten new adds but the old ones continue to be available. There are still campaigns for 6.95 VPS hosting. I realize that the idea is that an affiliate logs in and gets code for new adds and changes their site but I really wonder how many folks are like me and either loose interest or kind of forget so then the old adds continue to be displayed. I think it would be better if there was some way that the code did not have to change in order for the images to change.

    I also feel that the program might have more success or keep people interested if you could offer a campaign that was a pay per click instead of a pay per sale. I do wonder if because of the nature of how things are tracked if some sales are not actually attributed to an affiliates link. How many people see the add and maybe click on it and check out WestHost but do not purchase at that time. They may even come back later via another computer and direct input to the address bar to order.

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    Well, you might gain more foreign affiliates if you dropped the tax info field in favor of referrals. That is, provide discounts (like in the referral program) instead of direct payments.

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