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    Unhappy SPAM support from WestHost????

    I have read forum postings and other material about "programming" Spam Assassin. This is certainly a much higher level of skill required than the general control panel for the home user. I have asked before about email protection such as what EarthLink and other firms have done for several years. Westhost has responded that they are working on it. That response was a little over two years ago.

    SPAM has become a big issue. Is WestHost still working on this, or have they given up and left it to the individual to control? I realize that filters are always going to be behind, so that is why I like the EarthLink solution of trusted recipient or something like this (enter a coded word, et al.). But even better or more flexible filters AT THE HOST would be welcome. I've already made modifications to the procmailrc file (scary for a novice) which WestHost does not provide any help for except via the forums. I suggested a year ago that at least you could at least put up a sample or recommended procmailrc file, but got no response.

    So once again I ask where WestHost is in combatting SPAM?

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    Well WestHost now offers WH 4.0 which uses cPanel and allows you as the user more control via the interface. Since you are currently on WH 3.0 you would have to open up a new account with them under WH 4.0 and then manually transfer your files from WH 3.0 in order to take advantage of this. They where working on an automated way of upgrading but have not come out with it yet. I would suspect that is still a bit down the line.

    Depending on the complexity of your site the manual process can be very easy to moderately difficult. I could help lead you through the manual process if you wanted but would need more information about your current account and site.
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