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    Default Installing SQLite (or other 3rd party software)

    I was trying to install SQLite on a shared westhost account, but found that the installation process wants to place sqlite3.pc in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

    However, Westhost denies write access to that directory. I tried creating a different directory, and setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH, but that failed. Then I hacked the makefile to put sqlite3.pc elsewhere, but now no clients can find it!

    I posed the question to Westhost, and got this reply:
    Ken: You'll probably need to install it in a different directory due to permission issues. When I install custom apps, I setup a folder in /usr called local2 so I install everything there. To get it to install there, when you run the ./configure, you'll need to add --prefix=/usr/local2, so your configure statement would look something like: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local2

    Unfortunately, we do not provide free technical support for third-party software or applications we do not include in your service package. You are free to install and maintain custom software, and it is highly likely that it is possible to do so within the WestHost environment, but please be aware that this type of troubleshooting falls outside the scope of our technical support department.
    For one, I don't think this is a question about third-party software; it's a question about how to work around Westhost's restrictions on usr directories (That is, if they're going to break a standard, they should document a workaround).

    And in regards to the 'solution' - that may allow for the installation of SQLite, but how do I set it up so applications can find it?

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    This should help you get the workarounds.

    Scroll down and find his remarks on ImageMagick:
    Pretty normal install, but /usr/local/lib is owned by root and nonwritable by mortals, so it needs to go in your home directory. Since it packages its own libs too, you need to run ldconfig afterwards. You do have /home/myusername/lib in your /etc/ file, right?

    $ ./configure --prefix=/home/myusername
    $ make
    $ make install
    $ ldconfig
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