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    Angry No FTP Access to MySQL Tables?

    I decided to take the move to WH4 since my site has been down for a week. My domain resolves now and I need to upload all the data from my backup. The majority of it is the MySQL database for my Wordpress install. In WH3 I could drill down through the 'var' directory to get to the tables (where the backups came from), but now I can't access that directory in WH4.

    Am I missing something or is this no longer accessible?

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    This is no longer accessible. WH 4.0 is just basic shared hosting much like other companies you do not have the access you did with 3.0. MySQL is a bit different now also. Usernames and databases are all prefaced with your main username. ****... I had not thought this one through yet. Even if you have a backup of your database your going to have to alter it some. If you have the back up in an .sgl fashion then you could open it up in a plain text editor and manipulate it. Then use phpMyAdmin to import it.
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