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    Exclamation Legitimate Mail Blocked? Too Much Spam? Try These New Blacklists (Updated 1/18/2010)

    Are you finding that you receive a lot of unwanted e-mail? If you are a WestHost 3.0 client (accounts with the Site Manager control panel, created before November 2009), you can adjust which spam blacklists are in use on your account to help you better manage incoming e-mails. The blacklist settings below have been tuned so spam should be reduced while having very few negative effects on legitimate e-mails (very few false positives).

    To change your spam blacklists, follow these simple steps:

    1. Login to your Site Manager control panel and go to the Install & Manage section.
    2. Click on the edit/pencil icon next to Dynamic Spam Rejection with RBLs.
    3. A new window will appear. Click on the Next button.
    4. Uncheck ALL of the available lists. None of the check boxes on this page should be enabled.
    5. Copy-and-paste the text below into the Others box. If there is already something written in the Others box, erase it before pasting the text below.
    6. Click on the Finish button. Your changes are effective immediately.

    As a final reminder, remember that you should always be using SMTP authentication in your e-mail program to prevent yourself from being blocked.

    • In Outlook, this option is a check box My outgoing mail server requires authentication under the "More Settings" button > "Outgoing Server" tab.
    • In Mac Mail, this option is a menu item that needs to be changed to Authentication: Password under the "Edit Server List" > "Advanced" tab. You must enter your username and password into the spaces provided below the "Authentication: Password" selection.

    After changing the spam settings, please feel free to comment on this post regarding your experience with the new blacklists.
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    The following RBLs are provided as check boxes and can be edited in Site Manager > Install & Manage:

    So from the list above, you'd want to enter in;

    For more possible lists and comparison information, please check here.
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