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    Oh I am pretty sure they will get it all sorted out. I know that their sister company has just implemented support for it so I doubt they will be to far behind in an announcement on this here are WestHost. I do realize they are separate companies and systems but there are some links between them.
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    We actually have the networking and backend set-up/ready for IPv6 to go live on our unmanaged dedicated servers by the end of March since they don't include cPanel. As you can read in that thread, cPanel said they will be supporting IPv6...

    From cPanel "Since IPv4 support must be maintained, IPv6 would need to work in conjunction with the product to allow both systems to work, which is a major overhaul on an extensive number of areas. We cannot support IPv6 at the risk of losing working support for IPv4, since the vast number of our customers and users will continue to use IPv4 for many years to come. Both must work and work fully before we can roll out IPv6 compatibility... We do take the process itself seriously in providing this functionality. In fact, we take it seriously enough to ensure not to rush adding the support without fully testing the impact it will have on our product (again, as has been pointed out already)."
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