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    Default cgi parms getting lost on large file upload

    hello all -

    this is my first post in the perl/cgi forum....

    i have been using the html <input type="file" /> for uploading files to the server for a long time now without any problems.

    but this new problem has me stumped. once the uploaded file goes over 100 megs, all the parameters are getting lost! i can see the file out there in my /var/tmp directory.

    YES i have already tried to increase the apache Timeout setting and verified the new setting.

    i can do <100 meg file without any issue but as soon as i go to 110 megs all my CGI parameters are getting lost.

    any other settings i might want to play with?

    thanks in advance,

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    oops - it may have been $CGI::POST_MAX setting - will know in 20 minutes or so.....

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    yup.... the good ol' $CGI::POST_MAX setting fixed it!

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