Hi there. I want to post about 15-20, 5 minute videos on my domain, but to save me lots of R&D time, I was wondering if there were any experienced users out there who could tell me what the best practices (in terms of what the parameters of my video content should be) are in posting video content to my server to stream using Darwin Streaming Server. I am using Episode Pro as my transcoding software. For those who know it, this solution enables alot of detailed control over my video output, so I am covered there, I know how to use it too. What I am looking for are things like 1. How many kbps should the video be in order to safely deliver to the lowest common denominator of users, which is cable modem, wireless G connection, which I assume is about 2 mbps down flow of data from their providers on the average. I want my video clips to be 640 x 360, due to the detail within my content to be viewable. 2. I figure 300 kbps with a 5 second buffer will keep my end users from bailing out due to boredom from waiting - the content duration will average from 1 minute up to 20 minutes and possibly more, but not until I test out what Darwin can do. 3. Will a 640 x 360 @ 300 kbps be decent quality? 4. I do not have a good web page with thumbnails yet, so I just want to send links to the users and have them click to view the video clips. 4. My source files are from Final Cut, H.264. 5. I guess I can create an HTML page with thumbs of the clips in iWeb on my MAC, but I want to test out a 5 minute clip first before I jump in with both feet. So......any takers on the above, please email me. THanks in advance for any help you can provide me. Nick