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    Default New packages vs. Old packages

    Too bad for those who didn't become mini resellers (i.e. the basic package) earier. The new "mini" package isn't mini anymore. Not only does it cost a lot, and actually puts a limit on the number of Email Accounts/Auto-responders/Email forwarders, but it actually comes without SSH.

    This means anyone who uses a non pre-installed CMS would probably need to go straight to Reseller Plus, which would be like telling a standard user to go for a semi-dedicated server (with the basic package not far behind).

    With that said, here are some FAQ that I gathered via livechat about some obscure things of the new packages:

    Client Billing Software
    Client Billing Software is an application you can install called WHMCS which is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for online businesses.
    Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
    Continuous Data Protection is a running backup system, it will provide near-real time backups of your account.
    Private .htaccess
    Private .htaccess is a different way of handling .htaccess overrides; the current system allows full access to them, in the new system it is handled in a different manner but no functionality is lost.
    And does any of these tools exist in the old packages?
    No they do not
    Is the old discount reseller plan now available only to those who already have it (i.e. grandfather clause)?
    And there's nothing like it now?
    How can 3.0 resellers get info on when should they upgrade their package (as opposed to buying extra resold accounts)?
    They have to ask for the old feature table via e-mail.
    Westhost told me they'd consider posting the feature table in the forums. If you read this, and want it too, please show your support.
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