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    Default ejabberd install error

    I am in the process of installing ejabberd on my VPS. I have been successful so far, however there's an error related to Erlang. When I run this command:

    ./ejabberdctl live
    I get this error:

     "Protocol: ~p: register error: ~p~n",
    The error is documented here:

    This page says to fix the error the following commands must be run as the root:

    nattribute --set --nid virtual_system_name --flag ~single_ip
    echo "~single_ip" > /etc/vservers/virtual_system_name/nflags
    Is there any way that I can fix this myself? Are there any other solutions to this problem? If not, I think I may have to ask Westhost to do it, and I'm trying to avoid additional expense.

    Thank you =8^)
    Sharon Murphy

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    We do not have root access only root like access. Have you tried running the command? Sometimes even though a documentation says you need to run something as root it will still work. If the command gives an error about not being root then you would need to contact WestHost.
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