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    Cool Easily Install rsync On WestHost Accounts

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    rsync is a very useful command-line tool for copying files and between folders or even between servers. Although rsync is not installed by default on WestHost accounts, you can easily download, build, and install it from source code by running the following one-line command via SSH.

    gcc -v && echo -e '\n\nYou are about to install rsync-3.0.9.tar.gz on your account.\nThe installation will complete in approximately 1 minute.\n' && date +'=== Installation Started at %r ===' && echo '    [1/4] Downloading...' && curl -s | tar -xz && cd rsync-* && echo '    [2/4] Configuring...' && ./configure >/dev/null && echo '    [3/4] Building...' && make >/dev/null && echo '    [4/4] Installing...' && make install >/dev/null && cd .. && rm -rf rsync-* && date +'=== Installation Completed at %r ===' && echo
    (this text is only here as a placeholder, to make it easier to copy the entire line above)
    Note: You must first install the GNU Compiler Collection from your Site Manager > Install & Manage section.
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    Did not work in my account. First, the package can be accessed via hhtps only now. Second, the correct sintaxis was "tar xz" but not "tar -xz". Finally this worked with entering and running commands step-by-step

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