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    Thumbs down New price for Managed Dedicated Servers

    The Managed Dedicated Servers are huge rise in price.
    The first Managed Dedicated Servers plan was first $159 , is now $209!
    The server and hardware is still the same (old Intel P4 3.0 GHz) and what I have read on the internet near out of date.
    If I compromise this plans with other hosters than this is a very bad deal.
    What is the reason for this raising?

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    Default Dedicated Server Pricing


    We did raise the price for new Dedicated Servers. Existing clients will not see an increase in the price of their current Dedicated Plans as a result of this change. We feel that in doing a comparison that our new pricing is very competitive in todayís Managed Dedicated Server marketplace. While itís true there are some cheaper dedicated server providers many of them lack the infrastructure provided by WestHost and they are unmanaged. However, you have brought up a valid point on the server specs. We may see some changes here in the coming weeks ahead although nothing is solidified at this point. We would encourage you to stay tuned for any additional changes or updates that may lie ahead. Thank you for your input.

    Clint Reeves
    Client Service Manager

    Believe in Better Hosting

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