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    Default problem (and solution) to gmail MX forwarding

    hello all -

    i ran into a bizarre issue with gmail mx fowarding:

    from my primary westhost account, i could NOT send mail to a gmail address using sendmail. everything looked fine, but google seemed to ignore it

    but from the actual gmail email account itself, a yahoo email account, and another westhost account using sendmail, i could receive email! so i knew the MX records were set up properly.

    it appeared my primary westhost account was on some sort of "naughty" list as far as google was concerned.

    SOLUTION: create a dummy "contact" name with a known email address that sendmail uses. or if using sendmail in a program, just hard-code that email name.

    has anybody else been denied service using google gmail? any other solutions? this one is a bit of work.

    i didnt even bother trying to contact google.

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    Mail sent to a local address will not go to the servers in the MX record by default. If your domain name is and you're sending mail to from, say a PHP script on the web site, this message will go to the e-mail inboxes on your WestHost account, NOT to your Google Apps account.

    To avoid this behavior, it is necessary for WestHost to activate the "stickyhost" feature in sendmail. With "stickyhost" active, sendmail will look at and obey MX records for your local domain. Without "stickyhost", sendmail will deliver local mail to your WestHost account and completely ignore the MX record.

    There aren't enough details in your message for me to make an accurate comment on your specific case, but this may be what you experienced.
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    this problem appears to have less to do with westhost and more to do with one of westhost's servers being flagged as a spamming server.

    i can putty into two different westhost servers. using sendmail, one goes right into the spam folder and the other does not, using identical messages.

    i did discover that i can put a special word or phrase into the subject line and can "filter" it at the google end to mark it as "not spam". oh well at least its a workaround i can live it.

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