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    Default Second domain problems

    I've read through several related threads on the forum but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I'm a novice at this stuff. Help?!?!

    Here's background:
    Prior to adding a I had I had loaded wordpress to /var/www/html/wordpress/. I added an .htaccess file to /var/www/html with the following: redirect 301 /index.html so that when someone browses to, they are automatically redirected to Anyway, working fine.

    Here's current Issue:
    Now, I have added a to the account using the site manager and the DNS is actively pointing to westhost (for a few weeks). I've used the site manager to give a new directory for /var/www/html/wordpress2. I uploaded wordpress a second time (completely separate install from the first install) to /var/www/html/wordpress2/ When I type in a browser, I go to but that's NOT what I want--I want to go to I tried deleting the .htaccess file, but that did not help (and messed up things when you type in

    Any ideas?
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