Hey there,

Open SSL, Valid cert
configure.php --> enable SSL=true
admin payment module=live, debugging=off

All relevant files per Trustwave's instructions followed to the letter, except that WestHost's tech moved 3 lines out of the httpd.conf file to the ssl.conf (that resolved another issue). .pem may be corrupted. Will replace this afternoon.

Pulling hair out here. I have a linkpoint_api.php file that I can't get to behave.

  • I place a customer order using a dummy card number.
  • Transaction shows up DECL in FirstData terminal but is missing $ info, order #
  • in osC Admin, the order sequence has skipped 1 order #.


  • I place an order using a valid card
  • Click submit to confirm and the next screen is blank
  • Transaction shows in terminal but is missing $ info, order number
  • in osC Admin, the order does not show in the Customers >> Orders page, BUT if I search for the missing/skipped order #, it appears with no product.
  • Data base shows order, no product
  • No order notification email sent to 'customer.'

Is anyone willing to share their:
so I can compare?

Thanks much in advance! If I resolve my issues, I will post back and help where I can