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    Question Seeking Suggestions for best

    I have 28 web sites and none of them have a shopping cart or sales mechanism. Now I have a new web site in which I need to take on-line orders for one product.

    Can anyone give me some advice as to the best or easiest to use shopping carts, merchant accounts and payment processing mechanisms?

    I have used many types of these but am unfamiliar with how to set up or which ones to choose. Thanks for any tips, suggestions, etc.

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    If you want the easiest them simply use the PayPal system for your product. No need to install a full shopping cart if you only have one product.
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    Fastcommerce shopping cart is very easy to use. You can try its free version. It has a very clear online training class for shopping cart owners.And also there are tons of other good shopping carts from google. I hope you can choose your proper shopping cart for your websites.

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