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Thread: Westhost 4.0

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    Default Westhost 4.0

    From what I can tell this will eventually be rolled out to everyone.

    I am pretty excited about the possibility of moving to cPanel.

    I have a few questions.....
    1) Are we going to now get to choose which OS we want?
    2) Will we actually be given true root access, or access to common linux programs such as apt-get, or be given the ability to install from rpm packages? This would make installing software so much easier. This is my biggest problem with installing software....since we don't have root access (and therefore access to specific directories), installing programs can be a complete pain.

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    Yes, you're right. cPanel will be used for both our shared hosting and our dedicated servers.

    Our cPanel shared hosting clients will be in a traditional shared hosting environment. It will not be nearly as customizable our current WestHost VPS, but it should be considerably easier to use. Our dedicated servers will also use cPanel, but dedicated server owners will have access to WHM (Web Host Manager) to do for server and account administration. Because they are a managed service with a high level of support root access will not be provided.

    If you want *full* root access with the ability to choose your OS we recommend the upcoming I highly recommend taking a look at the website. It is currently in beta, but it will be launching quite soon.

    Once it comes time to migrate away from our current WestHost VPS environment we expect that most of our clients will use and love cPanel shared hosting. However, for advanced clients like yourself we expect to make available to you, which can include cPanel if you wish. While I can't give out more specific information than that right now, I can ensure you that client satisfaction will be an important factor in all of our decisions.

    I hope that helps!
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    Hmmm.... if I read correctly then, I'll be losing the VPS environment when 4.0 rolls out? That's the main reason I came to Westhost, was reasonable pricing on virtual servers. My clients enjoy the virtual server atmosphere, please tell me that I'm not going to have to give it up.

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    It is our intent to provide a solution for all of our current clients regardless of their situation. As mentioned those who still need the VPS model will have an alternative ( solution instead of going to our shared cPanel environment. We unfortunately do not have all of the details but as Jonny mentioned client satisfaction will be an important priority through this transition. I would encourage you to watch for newsletters or announcements to our blog for additional details.

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    I'll be very interested in seeing what happens. I truly enjoy Westhost and the service I've received. If the pricing increases though, I will probably have to look elsewhere. Westhost has been very affordably priced and I'd hate to lose that.

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    I agree. I'm glad they will be giving us the options for, but hopefully this doesn't mean a price increase. I might be able to handle a little bit of an increase if that meant true root access, so I guess we'll see.

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    I just caught this thread and want to express my vote that does not include an increase in cost. If Westhost truly intends to allow customers to use their current plan, then please don't add one or two features to and then raise the cost. I came to Westhost specifically because of the semi-root access and the cost of it. I'll wait and see how this rolls out. I see that customer satisfaction is important to you from the previous posts, but I wonder how this will impact the customers like me who love the current plan, have no need of additional features, and do not desire to pay more for the host whom they have referred people to.

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    I likewise chose Westhost for it's excellent implementation of VPS, one that was not too complex and not too simple. It is a unique product in a marketplace full of the same, and I truly hope this next version does not lose this middle ground.

    How far in advance before the change happens will we learn the details (migration options, costs, etc.) of these new plans, so that we can figure out how it will impact us?

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    I, for one, have tried cPanel and can't stand it. When it comes to reseller management, it just did not perform anywhere near as easily as my tools here at WH have been. From day one at WestHost, I was able to set up my client's sites and get them using their back-end without any need for assistance. The host I tried before coming here was a cPanel setup and I was going crazy trying to figure out how to set up and then use the back end.

    If the following quote (emphasis is mine) holds true from the WH blog, I will consider sticking around...

    ...When it comes time to migrate off of our current VPS environment we intend to be as flexible as we can to ensure we keep you as clients.

    The standard migration path for our shared hosting and resellers is to migrate accounts into cPanel. However, as you have pointed out, we’re already aware that cPanel won’t work for everyone. For those who can’t host their web site using our new cPanel shared hosting then we intend to migrate those accounts to

    In all cases we hope to keep prices the same for existing clients. We’ll certainly have more specific information when we draw to migrating away from our current clients to our new hosting environment. If you would like to get a preview of what that new environment will be we are accepting beta testers at We would love to hear any feedback you have!


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    Well that's interesting, if they keep the price the same for existing clients.
    A page at has prices starting at $30 per month.

    My sites would probably do ok on shared hosting, as long as I could have multiple databases (the old shared platform only allowed one database) and php4. What if someone needs php5? How will that function in a shared environment?
    I have made many tweaks to my vps (sendmail, htconfig, spamassassin, etc) that I doubt I could do with cPanel. I prefer the vps, but at a resonable price.
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