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    Question HTTP 500 Errors When Accessing Catalog

    Hello All,

    I'm usually the one solving computer problems for people and not creating them myself, but this OsCommerce seems to be a very finicky beast. I have added a few items to the catalog and they show up fine in both the admin section and the front page of the catalog. As soon as you click on any item on the page you are immediately met with an HTTP 500 error. I checked the apache error log to find a ton of files pointed to "/var/www/html/" when in fact the files are located at "/var/www/html/palmisland/". I believe I have this setting correct in the config.php file because the main page shows up. Here is the kicker: whenever I make a change to the layout of the main page I get a 500 error UNTIL I shutdown and restart my browser at which point the new layout shows up just fine. This occurs with ANY change (change a word in the english/index.php file, comment out a box, etc.). Since restarting the browser seems to fix the problem, it leads me to believe that I have an issue with the sessions somewhere. However, a sessions issue doesn't seem to explain the catalog-item-producing-a-500-error problem. Let me know what you all think.

    Thank you,
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