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    Default https (ssl4) w/Formmail -Internal Server Error

    Hi all: I'm getting "Internal Server Error" when I try to add https to my Form Action. Https works fine with the static form page, but when I try to invoke https in my Form Action it's throwing an error. Maybe, I don't need it? Just wanted to have a bit more security. Thanks!

    1) Example of trying to invoke SSL4 in my Form Action:

    2) I've updated my script to...
    @referers = qw('','');

    Any idea about what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!


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    What program did you use to update You should use a plain text editor like one listed in my signature to edit such files. Also remember that when you upload them back to the server you need to do it in Ascii mode and then change the permissions to 0755.
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    I tried using FormMail over our shared SSL and I was sucessful.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWoodsManToys View Post
    1) Example of trying to invoke SSL4 in my Form Action:
    Since you probably don't know if the user is accessing the HTML page with the form securely or not, make sure to include the absolute URL as the form action.

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    Hi Guys: Thanks so much for your help! It's now working with https Form Action. Here's what I ended up with...

    1) chmod 755 (thanks...this was needed!)
    2) @referers = qw(; (this combo quotes)
    3) <FORM ACTION="/ (calls ssl)
    4) <input type=hidden name="redirect" value="/html/thank_you.html">
    5) <img src='/'>

    Thanks again for the quick response! Regards, Mitch (TheWoodsmanToys)

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