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    Default Linux file structure for Zen Cart add on install

    I just tried to install Easy Populate Advanced 3.0.3 to my Zen Cart. I received the dreaded error:

    Configuration Error

    Your Easy Populate configuration is either missing, corrupted, incomplete, or is a previous Easy Populate version. Easy Populate will remove any old version you may have & will install by clicking the link above.

    Where can I get a basic online course or book on Westhost's Linux file structure on a shared server so I can understand the rather criptic installation instructions. I am sure my problem is incorrect file location, especially for the uploads folder.


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    If you want a book, I would recommend this book:

    • /var/www/html is the web root directory, anything you want to show up on the web, you will want it in this folder.
    • /bin has binary files, executables in it.
    • /boot is bootup stuff, don't touch it
    • /dev is all about devices, don't touch anything here, its all root owned.
    • /etc is all about configurations, apache, mail, etc are all in here
    • /ftp is all ftp stuff.
    • /home is your home directory, misc files go here
    • /include is files that should be included when compiling stuff from scratch
    • /lib is for stuff that should be referenced, it is a library of functions and other things that can be included in compiled files.
    • /opt is a folder that some people like to install stuff to.
    • /proc is a system folder with a lot of system information, load averages, memory, cpu, etc are all displayed as files in this folder
    • /sbin are system binaries or system executables, no touching here.
    • /tmp a temporary folder, things that only exist for a short amount of time should reside here, generally this folder is cleared on restart of the computer
    • /usr is for user files, you will see a lot of the folders that are in / duplicated here.
    • /var is for data files, mysql, awstats, a lot of other data files are located in this folder
    • /www is an alias for /usr/local/apache, basically it is a link to another folder, that has links to more folders.

    I have never used "Easy Populate Advanced 3.0.3" mostly because when I searched for it, it cost $, and I am all for the opensource, free software. Give a shout if you need any further information.
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