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    Default Forwarding mails to the users within the same domain

    Hi All,

    I am trying to forward the mails to the users within the same domain.
    Currently we forward all the mails of a domain through .qmail_default in vpopmail.
    Now each domain will be having many users.
    Is there any way to forward all mails to a particular user within the same domain

    Can anyone help how can we forward the mails of a user of a Domain.

    Suppose is the domain and is the user of the domain
    How can we forward a list of mails to that user.

    how can we forward all the mails of my inbox to other email accounts.
    for eg., forwarding all mails from to,, etc..

    Thanks in advance..

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    There are many post on this subject and if you do a search on "forwarding email" and "multiple domain email" you well can find them. Here are the basics explained of multiple domain management of email.
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