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    Default What is tech support telling me?

    I contacted tech support today regarding some problem with my DNS setting. Even though my domain name transfer completed two weeks ago, my record here in WH is still pointing to my old DNS. I guess WH doesn't proactively change the DNS record upon domain transfer completion? Then I was told to go to "" to change it myself but I don't have the password which is different from my account password. So the tech support person told me to email them to get my password now. Let me see how long it's going to take. I never got any response last time I request support using the web form . I solved the problem on my own so I didn't follow up.

    Anyway, in the process of figuring thing out the tech support person told me:

    "Although WestHost provides you with a dedicated IP (an IP address unique to your own account), we are unable to provide static IP addresses (an unchanging IP address)"

    Why did he say this? Isn't my IP a static IP assign to me? I forgot to ask the tech support person directly during the chat.

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    your ip address is subject to change.

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    I am sorry for any confusion that this conversation may have caused. The dedicated ip address that is assigned to your account is an ip address that is unique to your account, but I believe that the reason that they said that there is no guarantee that it will not change is that from time to time we may have to perform maintenance on our network configuration that may result in some accounts receiving a new ip address. However barring this type of situation, once you are assigned a dedicated ip address, that should remain your ip address for the duration.

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    First of all, I got my reply for password to """ the next day So A+ for the quick response.

    >once you are assigned a dedicated ip address, that should remain your ip address for the duration.

    I hope this is for *sure*. Otherwise all my stuff will just stop working .

    As I alluded to here:, because 'localhost' doesn't actually refer my VPS, So I must use hard code ip number like this in apache conf:

    proxyPass /
    proxyPassReverse /

    instead of

    proxyPass / http://localhost:8080/
    proxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8080/

    The same applies to my database configuration which is packed inside a .war file deployed to a Java servlet container. That can't be changed with a simple text edit.

    Because WH VPS limitation where 'localhost' does not refer to my VPS instance, we are forced to use actual ip number. Then it's really unacceptable that the ip number can ever change.

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    I am sure that WestHost well try to keep you with the same IP that there may be some instances where it just is not possible. Most of my dedicated IP's have stayed the same for quite some time so I doubt it well be a problem but I would keep tabs on the issue. If I recall correct any time they have had to make a change they have informed me that the IP was going to change.
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    I have had a couple dedicated IP accounts on WestHost for a few years, and the only time they changed was during the upgrade from WestHost Account v2 to v3. WestHost also notified me that the IP would be changing.

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    Hello all,

    We try to maintain dedicated IP addresses as "static". However, there are times when assigning a new IP address is required. We will always notify you via email beforehand if a change is upcoming. (So, make sure your contact email address is always up-to-date to ensure you get those notices.)

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    I haven't heard of the IP addresses (other than Shared IP addresses) change, although it makes sense why they would have to. It must be a rare occurrence or else there would be a lot more complaining about it here in the forums.
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