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    Default Blogging; Drupal does West Host?

    Greetings again West Hosters,
    I am requesting information about
    It has been suggested to me that my blogging desires will be satisfied by Drupal. Does anyone have input about them? Does it work, etc? I want people to be able to post messages in multiple categories with minimum hassle and for me to monitor and delete with minimal time attachment. How are WestHost options doing, joomla etc?
    Erickson, should blogging have it's own separate category?
    Thanks so much to you guys who contribute to WH Forum!
    Steve Ross

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    I have used Drupal in the past. It does work fairly nicely. Drupal you would have to install manually because right now WestHost does not offer Drupal as a Site App. I have never used Joomla.
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    If your goal is blogging, is there a reason you are not considering wordpress?
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